Tying Up Loose Ends

It is hard for me to believe that the semester...college...is finally coming to a close. All that I have left is to turn in my final paper tomorrow. I finished all my final projects, tests, and assignments two days ago but still  do not feel "done" yet.  The whole situation seems surreal. I have been preparing to feel empty...free but I don't really feel much of anything. More in disbelief.

Maybe it will all hit me after class tomorrow.


  1. Yay Lydia! Good job!

  2. Dr. Linda Bean27 May, 2011

    Your adventure is about to begin. Have a safe trip and I will be checking your blog periodically to participate in your new life. I look forward to reading about Togo and the people you will be meeting.

  3. Thanks Dr. Bean, I'll definitely keep you updated!

  4. Daniela Montgomery07 June, 2011

    Miss already! wish we could have spent more time together before your left thinking of a care package for lots and lots of chocolate.

  5. I know! We will just have to do a lot of catching up in 2 years. Haha

    Oh, and chocolate would be awesome!