Ready or not, I am gone.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Since embarking on my post-Peace Corps adventure, each day of my first week has been marked with unforgettable experiences:

Day 1- Got lost in Madrid
Day 2- Attended a traditional Moroccan wedding
Day 3- Got lost in Marrakech
Day 4- Rode a camel in the desert
Day 5-Visited a town from movie scenes
Day 6- Went to Morocco's largest waterfall
Day 7- Spoke French in France

I did it all quite frugally but felt like a VIP. After Togo, small luxuries like hot showers feel more valuable than ever before.

Aside from indulging in these simple pleasures, in Spain I wandered around Madrid, reacquainting myself with the Western world until I got lost. 

No more street food, no clapping before opening a doors, and no more statements of 'bon digestion' after meals.

If you put my lousy sense of direction aside, the labyrinthine streets in the Medina (old city) are hard to keep anyone on track. 

Fortunately, I constantly stumbled upon delicious goodies: dates, almonds, dried apricots, and other fresh foods to keep me fueled along the way. For being on the same continent, Morocco seems oceans away from the life I knew in Togo.

In Morocco I got to experience a completely different part of Africa -- one mixed with Mediterranean delights, European customs, and a familiar Togolese-type hospitality. 

I jumped right in and spent hours discovering new things until I got lost there too. I enjoyed every minute of it but getting lost in Marrakech was nothing like getting lost in Madrid.

I tried to capture my experiences with photos, which you can check out here

Still, some of the best moments remain only in my memory---the golden hues of Madrid's Park del Retiro at sunset, the dense star-filled desert sky, and stripping down with Moroccan women in a traditional bath house.

I just hope to have as many great experiences in the next portion of my trip. The next, and longest stop is three weeks in France. Here's to practicing French!

À la prochaine