Before leaving Togo I applied for exactly one job. Just one. You think I would be ecstatic when, after going through a long application process, I finally got that job offer. Maybe you think I would be overjoyed to know they added a few perks to the original offeradded job duties, a higher pay, and better accommodations. 

But instead of the tears of joy I predicted would start rolling down my cheeks (I am generally happy crier), the tears that came were panic stricken.

Fortunately, I did not have to make any decisions in that moment. After my polite request for more time to think about it, I was granted 24 hours to determine if I wanted this job to be my next big move. Twenty four hours... exactly one day to make this major life decision.

Why not take the job? Well, if traveling taught me nothing else, it is that the world is full of possibilities. So when I finally got settledas much as I could whilst living out of one or two suitcases and staying with friends/familyI started applying for other jobs.

I turned in at least 100 applications to jobs all over the world: France, England, Canada, Spain, China, India, Qatar, Australia, and New Zealand to name a few.

Sometimes I got an almost instantaneous "no" but searching for jobs opened my eyes wider to the realm of possibilities. There are thousands of job listings to do lots of interesting things. Mostly I applied for jobs with resorts/hotels but I also turned in applications with cruise ships, airlines, and even an Australian city council.

With the time lag of my traveling, my earliest job submission was only two weeks before this "need to know" decision came from a position I applied for two months prior. You can never quite plan the future but how would I ever know if there were better things to come if I accepted this particular one so early into my job hunt?

I could not. They say time tells all and something about the timing seemed right. I got the call just days before I was leaving Arkansas to visit my mom in another state. I had plenty of time in my hometown to catch up with friends; now I get to cross the last major "person I need to see" off my list before making the next big move.
Here I come.

Sadly, I am not moving as far as I hoped. The job is in Florida. Not on the other side of the world or in any of the aforementioned places. It is barely on the other side of the United States. It is just Florida. 

Nevertheless, I chose to make my decision based on the belief that it is not just about my next big move. It is about how far it can take me and I plan to go mighty long distances. I am not stopping at Florida. It has just become my jumping off point to the rest of the world.