Lately I find myself at the end of many relationships. Sure, nothing lasts forever but these days it seems like I end more relationships than I start.
Even the best year of my life so far, 2013, included more goodbyes than ever major ones in fact. When I left Togo I said goodbye to people I might never see again. I also severed ties with my largest social network when I deleted Facebook account.
Still, the goodbyes have not stopped. I said a lot of goodbyes to get to Club Med and here it is a part of my job. I become friends with the guests during their stay only to end our relationship with their departure a few days later.
My role in human resources also makes me one of the last to see my co-workers leave. Unlike a normal work relationship, employees here are the people who I work and live with.
Letting go is hard each and every time. In their own way, individual relationships combine to make me who I am. 

Even the ones that suck, the ones that were full of bliss, and the ones that just slip away. It is a sad realization that they have to end.
Fortunately, not all goodbyes are sad. Leaving Togo marked the beginning of my next journey at Club Med. I also discovered that without 1,000+ people to keep up with on Facebook, I can invest more heavily in the relationships that really count.
No matter how many times I do it I am still an amateur in the the art of saying goodbye. It is one of the few skills I may never want master and I am okay with that. 
I just wish there were fewer goodbyes.