Today I completed my first half marathon. That is to say, I ran the farthest I ever have in my life 13.1 miles nonstop.

My manager, Laura, also completed the race.
I was not in the race to win a prize or for the glory. I paid the $99.20 race fee simply to challenge myself and see if I could do it. Just making it through the race was enough for me; I finished with an unimpressive time of 2 hours and 42 minutes.

Of course, I prepared for it over last few months but I think my training actually began two years ago. Before January 2012 I could not run at all. It was that year I made it my New Year’s resolution to start exercising regularly. 

I followed a zero to 5k plan, essentially doing walk/run intervals for eight weeks until I could run the whole thing. Sadly, a week after I completed the program I started to backtrack. I felt so discouraged that I almost gave up on running all together.

Instead, I opted to try P90X. I made it to around 45 days of the 90 before I longed to run again. At that point, I did not want to do it for exercise alone. I realized that missing my morning run changed my entire day. Even on the hard runs, when my performance was not at its best, I felt great afterward. 

That is exactly how I felt today. In no way did I find the half marathon to be easy. It was challenging especially during the last few miles. It is just that the feeling at the end is worth the discipline and occasional struggle. 

Two years ago I could not run one minute. Today I ran almost three hours (though slowly) and it sure does feel great.

The end.