It has been months since my last post but not for a lack of things to say. Time just sped by and still shows no signs of letting up. In an attempt to catch up, I will back track through some exciting highlights then share the exciting things next to come.

Stepping back - 

My performance as a Scary Spice in one of the shows.
The major reason I have not updated is because I am involved in the resort in many new ways. I started performing in a couple of shows, teaching fitness classes, and attending regular cocktails/socials. I also took on new responsibilities in my primary jobs of HR and training.

I enjoy it all but helping other departments takes a lot of energy and precious free time. Luckily, the department managers appreciate the help and take notice. Just a few weeks ago I was selected as the employee of the month. During the announcement they mentioned it was a unanimous decision from the selection committee.

I was honored, of course, but the award did not lighten my workload. I continued at the same pace until I began to worry it was too much. Then it was time for a vacation. 

It was four months overdue but I finally got one week off. I decided to spend it at the Cancun resort with a co-worker and we were joined by two others during the trip. 

Mexico was amazing. I do n't think I did enough relaxing but I did things I never thought to plan. I went snorkeling, visited Mayan ruins, and practiced a whole lot of Spanish.

Jumping ahead -

I came back from Cancun almost as busy as before. Fortunately, soon after my return came some exciting news to look forward to:

1. I will be traveling to the Bahamas to teach the local staff French...and...

2. My next season will be spent in the country I've wanted since the beginning---La France!!

There are a couple of drawbacks though. 

As I am not a native French speaker, nor have I taught it before, I am a bit worried about how everything will turn out in the Bahamas. The same goes for my next season in France. I switched to reception to widen my travel possibilities which means I have to learn a new job while perfecting my French for our upscale clientele.

Nevertheless, I am honored. I am grateful and I am in disbelief. Both places have been written down in my notebook of "locations to visit" since I started working here--my scribbles are becoming reality. T.S. Eliot must have felt these feelings when he said "Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough."