Photo credit:  Clément Bossut
Do you remember the joy of shaking a snow globe then watching as the snowflakes descended through the water? 

As a child I would stare as the flakes floated until landing one by one. I was enchanted by the scene taking place in the palm of my hands.

Now I know those moments exist outside the glass ball. Here, each snowfall feels as magical as in a snow globe.

The flakes seem to suspend purposely in mid-air until accumulating ever so softly. They coat the pavements, mountains, and rooftops, creating a 360-degree snow capped finish.

Watching it through the window is spectacular.

Of course, the thrill lasts longer in real life but eventually it too comes to a halt. The last snowfall was more than three weeks ago and there may be no more this season.

It's time to shake things up. 

If you need a good laugh, check out this clip of my first ski: