Photo Credit: Liz Chrisman
Summer breaks come as a reprieve. Even when filled with more plans than the rest of the year, the break brings change or at least a temporary pause from life.

During university I spent the summers working and taking classes. At the end of four years I walked away with three bachelor degrees and professional experience. The busy summers seemed to pay off... mostly.

I had one regret.

Until that point my feet never stepped outside the United States. That trip to Canada I was too young to remember would no longer suffice.

Then, two weeks after graduation, I left for West Africa where I completed a 27-month stint as a Peace Corps volunteer. The journey changed my life incredibly and I have not stopped traveling since.

Now this summer I start a new journey which includes:
  • A 500 mile walk in Spain
  • A 10-day silent meditation retreat
  • Going to Sicily as an office manager's assistant for a cinematography film festival
  • Helping with elephant projects at a resort/eco lodge in Thailand

Then summer ends but the journey continues. 

By September I start working in New Zealand. I plan to stay for a year and lined up my first job at an events and yoga retreat center.

I wonder how my life would be different if I had a summer like this during university... 
Cheers to the summer I never had.

The beautiful Bahamas at sunset