I don't know many Chinese proverbs but this popular one is simple: "The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" —Lao Tzu.

As simple as it may be, taking the first step is not always easy. Moving forward inevitably means choosing to leave things behind.

I faced the risks last year when I went to Hawaii on a one-way ticket. Fortunately, I left four weeks later with the impression I could one day call it my home.

My next journey has no defined end date. I will be traveling to at least three different continents and have yet to look for my return ticket home.

I leave my job, possessions, and even familiar languages behind. Everything I bring fits in just one backpack less than 10 kgs.

The journey starts on the French-Spanish border for the 500-mile pilgrimage route called the The Way of St. James.

True, it falls short of 1,000 miles but I just took my first steps.