I live and work at a yoga retreat center. I love sun salutations. I owe my splits to yoga practice. It seemed right for me to volunteer for yoga festivals.

Photo credit: James Parsons
Yet despite the daily yoga classes offered at my home, my attendance has gradually dwindled.

I signed up to volunteer at Wanderlust hoping to reinvigorate my practice. The festival is quite possibly the largest yoga gathering in New Zealand, toting professionals from all over the world. 

To boot, it features an eclectic program of styles from aerial yoga to Rock n’ Roll yoga to deeper, meditative yoga. I knew I set myself up for success.

I filled my schedule with classes, squeezing in up to five per day between my volunteer shifts. 

None of them were yoga. I went to sessions about achieving exceptional health and raw beauty, workshops on photography, and even a three-part blogging series.
Photo Credit: James Parsons

Then, a few weeks later came the event I took part in organizing; the 
5th Annual International Yoga Festival & Conference. For six months I managed the marketing for this capstone event, perfectly situated at the site I call home.

Its program was also filled with exciting classes, from acro-yoga to Vinyasa flows. I was much busier working behind the scenes at this festival but I did manage to squeeze in one workshop: Macrame jewelery making.

Still not a single yoga class.

Now with another festival on the horizon, I fear my time for yoga is running out. Life is busier on the festival organizer side of things. When I finish work, I just want to escape the yoga center or retreat to my room.

I know there is something beautiful about living where I work but I find this dynamic also quite ironic. The more I embed the things I love into my life, the farther away they actually become…

I will delve more into this in a future post. Stay tuned.

Photo Credit: James Parsons